Tuesday, 26 August 2014

La Luna by Karolin

The little boy was a copycat. He was learning about the moon. He was in a boat with his dad and grandad. The boat was an old boat. They were sailing in the dark night. The grandpa got a hat and gave it to the little boy. He put it on. His grandpa lifted the hat up, then the dad pulled it down and they did it again. They stopped. The dad got an old ladder out and pulled it up to the moon but it didn’t reach up to the moon because it was too small. The dad gave the little boy an anchor. The grandpa told him to climb up the ladder. He went next to the ladder and he put one foot on the ladder and he put one foot on the ladder. He climbed to the very top of it. He floated up to the moon. He said in his head, “The moon is as shiny as gold.”
The grandpa said, “We are coming up so up put the anchor in a pot of stars. Then he saw a shooting star. The stars are shiny gold. The dad said we’re up now. He opened a door to a shed and there were a lot of tools in it. The grandpa grabbed a broom and the dad grabbed a broom to. They swept the stars. The son tried to grab one. Dad said, “No.” and then the grandpa gave the son a broom. He couldn’t decide what broom to use. The dad and grandad were angry with each other. The boy chose a rack to sweep the stars. A huge shooting star crashed into the moon. The Dad and Grandpa stopped arguing because the big star crashed into the moon. The little boy got a hammer and climbed up the star. He tapped it with a hammer and the big shooting star fell to pieces.
The boy, the father and the grandpa swept the stars into pile. When finished the moon looked like part of a circle.

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