Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Lighthouse by Karolin

The shiny gold light went around in circles. The people were having a party. They were enjoying the light and cheering when it went around. 
There was an old man who was grumpy. He slammed a window shut because he was trying to work on a letter. 
The people stopped because the light went out and then the wind made the window open. A huge gust of wind blew out the candle. The shiny gold light went off with a big BANG. 
The man went to see what happened. He ran up the staircase. He ran up with a lantern and he got up to the top of the big lighthouse. The old grumpy man grabbed his toolbox and went up to the light. He grabbed the bulb that the light was in. He tripped over on his shoelace, fell backwards and the glass broke into pieces. 
Suddenly he saw a boat that had gold on it. It was going to crash into the rocks. The man felt sad and he ran down the staircase because he saw a light. He opened the door and saw the people from the town. He let them in and up to the top of the lighthouse. The boat went around the lighthouse and the old man was happy.